An up to date website is a NECESSITY.

Bella Blake Marketing produces beautifully designed and functional websites that hit your business goals. We combine business strategy, creative thinking, and smart development to deliver sites that outshine, and out-perform the competition.


  • Responsive Web Design

  • Website Redesign

  • B2B Websites

  • B2C Websites

  • E-Commerce Websites

  • Shopify Websites

  • UX/UI Designed Websites

What we do as a West Palm Beach Website Design Company

Clients, guests and consumers want to know what they can get from you, whether that is a widget or a weekend getaway. Our visuals demonstrate immediately who you are. This is more than aesthetics: our designs move visitors through the site, carefully eliciting emotions and responses, using best-practices and innovative techniques to turn appreciation into action. We’ve built marketing sites across a wide varieties of industries, becoming true partners for each of our clients. No matter your business, we can create the right site. Bella Blake Marketing produces compelling websites, so visitors take action and convert. Your site will be successful because it’s built around your content goals and conversions.



Responsive Web Design

It’s not just about mobile search ranking. Responsive website design is vital in presenting a consistent brand image across all devices. Web presence means nothing if the presence doesn’t provide positive experiences for the target audience. Responsive web design enables your website layout to adapt to even the largest or smallest screens. This adaptive technology is forward-compatible, adjusting even to newer devices and higher resolutions. Mobile-friendliness is an important design consideration that often gets overlooked or glossed-over during website creation or redesign. It’s a requirement for some, for others just another feature in the design package. Either way, responsive website design has a huge impact on the overall performance of not only your website but also your marketing strategies. Your site must be easy to navigate, contain stunning visuals and have incorporated search engine optimization!


Did you know that 22% of online retailers still don’t have a mobile-friendly website?

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Website Redesign

When will you know if your website needs a redesign? Does your site have functionality issues, an outdated design, need navigation and organization improvements, contain outdated content, or need re-branding? Bella Blake Marketing offers a free site audit. This audit performs a complete website analysis and reports on every aspect of your site. From rankings, to key words, to page speed and technical issues. This information gives us the tools to begin your custom strategy moving forward. Our award winning team will provide: 

  • A unique and custom-designed website with excellent aesthetic appeal

  • An up-to-date website with excellent technical performance

  • A highly functional website with a user-friendly UI and excellent UX experience

  • Conversion-optimized website that increases digital marketing revenue

  • Highly responsive and forward-compatible website redesigns

  • Search engine-optimized website for higher visibility


Did you know that 38% of people will leave a website if they find the layout unattractive. 

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B2B Websites

B2B, or business to business, websites are designed for the explicit purpose of selling products and services to businesses and not retail consumers. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers must have a website where their clients and consumers are able to easily order and research their designs and products. What are the most important needs of your clients? Your site needs to be easy to use and navigate, provide detailed information and entice your clients to purchase your product or service. If you are lacking on functionality, design or accessibility, then it's time to contact Bella Blake Marketing. We will build your site from the ground up, or revamp your existing site!

Did you know that 49% of B2B researchers who use their mobile devices for product research do so while at work?

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B2C Websites

B2C purchases are mainly based on emotion. Emotional triggers often guide a consumer to make a purchase. It is the feeling that the product or service gives the consumer which leads them to complete a purchase. Since a consumer may be able to purchase a similar product on a different website, your design must be unique, and stand out among competition. The usability and user experience should consistently be updated, offering the most smooth checkout process possible. Bella Blake Marketing cultivates a unique strategy to take your B2C site to the next level and make an overall lasting impact on your consumers and clients.

Did you know 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases? 


E-Commerce Websites

Bella Blake Marketing Agency designs E-Commerce sites to enhance functionality, improve user experience and capitalize on up-sell opportunities. We do this by designing easy-to-navigate, conversion-oriented sites. We make them look good. Because, in E-Commerce, first impressions really do matter. Showcase your products beautifully, maximize your sales, rank in search engines, drive traffic and seamlessly integrate your systems with your custom website from Bella Blake Marketing. Our E-Commerce web design and development experts build sites that look beautiful on all devices. This means you can give your customers what they want: a satisfying shopping experience in the palm of their hands.

Did you know that 18% of E-Commerce websites are exclusive B2B sales 

E commerce site.png

Shopify Websites

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform for companies of all types and sizes. It is a merchant-centered platform, ensuring that it meets the varying needs of businesses. It is also one of the few e-commerce platforms that are truly flexible with highly customizable and adaptable themes, complete tools, and resources. Here are some of the platform’s advantages:

  • Budget-friendly

  • Secure

  • All-in-one e-commerce platform

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

  • Over 1,500 marketing apps, you can integrate on your site

  • Managed web hosting

Bella Blake Marketing can deliver a complete Shopify web design package across all budgets. Scale your business faster by availing of our fast, reliable, and affordable services and working with our team of experts. Bella Blake Marketing has expert knowledge on e-commerce specifically with creating custom Shopify e-commerce solutions.


UX/UI Websites

Websites not only need to look good, but they also need to be effective. As a full-service web design company, Bella Blake Marketing combines professional aesthetics with innovative design solutions to provide your business with a web design that drives conversions. More and more business-customer interactions happen online with the business’ website being the customer’s first point of contact with the business. First impressions matter, especially if it’s a matter of making a sale or not. But aside from producing a great first impression, Bella Blake Marketing Agency's UI and UX design solutions that create repeat customers out of casual website visitors. Through navigation, aesthetics, and visuals we will keep visitors on your site and keep them moving.



1. I have a site already and need an update, can you do that?

No problem! We have worked with many different clients. It doesn't matter where you are with your brand, we are here!

2. Can you all design an E-Commerce site?

Definitely! We handle many different types of sites! We have created over 200

3. What type of content should i share?

The type of content your audience wants to see!

4. Am I able to add products to my site after it is done?

Yes! We will discuss options in the beginning that will suite your needs.

5. What is a site audit?

Our site audits are extremely in depth and will identify all errors and ways to improve. It allows us to figure out how Google and other search engines read your page

6. Can you make it mobile friendly?

Every site we produce is mobile and tablet friendly in addition to being desktop friendly.



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