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Social Media

Why is Social
Media Important?

Reach 3 Billion People

It doesn’t matter if you own or run a small local shop or a big national company, Social Media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your clients, increase brand awareness, and boost your sales and leads. You need to take advantage of every avenue of advertising and that includes Social Media.


  • Analysis and Audit

  • Profile Set Up

  • Content Creation

  • Encourage Reviews

  • Increase Web Traffic

  • Establish Brand Familiarity and Trust

  • Social Media Management Services

  • Brand Strategy

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Trend Discovery

  • Caption Copywriting

  • Hashtag Research

  • Paid Ad Strategy and Management

  • Community Management

  • Scheduled Posting

Popular Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook 2.2B Monthly Users

  • YouTube 1.9B Monthly Users

  • Instagram 1B Monthly Users

  • Twitter 350M Monthly Users

Bella Blake Marketing has the experience and skills to improve your existing campaign or cultivate a unique strategy from the ground up that is sure to drive engagement and results. We establish tactics that attract the attention of new clients while also maintaining the interest of familiar ones. Success in social media is largely measured by audience engagement. To achieve high engagement, we recommend that businesses be in constant interaction with their following across all major platforms. That is where we come in. We take all of the stress and worry away from anything social media. Including engaging and interacting with clients, encouraging reviews and of course, publishing original created content. All published content and creative should motivate followers to visit your website to learn more about your brand message.


Our Social Media Management Process

Hands-on Account Manager

Bella Blake Marketing Agency has a knowledgeable, creative and unique social media team. We will assign a dedicated Account Manager to your social media project. The account manager will be in charge of your brand and the success of your social media campaigns. Any requests or edits on behalf of the client will be sent to the Account Manager, and they will handle communication with the graphic designers and social media team. Bella Blake Marketing Agency takes pride in being proactive with every project, so you can expect to see new ideas and strategies every week from your account manager. 

Audit and Analysis

The next step in the Social Media Management Process is the audit an analysis. If you don't already have your platforms set up, your account manager will update and input all information pertaining to your social media profiles correctly and efficiently the first time! If your business is already established on social media, we will analyze your history of posting to determine what strategies have worked well in the past. Bella Blake Marketing Agency also develops a comprehensive persona report for your targeted audience. This helps us determine who your ideal brand audience is, and how we can best engage with them through visual content and copy writing.



Brand Strategy

Bella Blake Marketing Agency will establish your comprehensive brand strategy by setting specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful brand. By establishing a purpose, consistency, emotion, flexibility, loyalty and competitive awareness, we are able to achieve your goals. Establishing this plan and strategy early on will drastically cut down on wasted time, money and resources and will ultimately result in more sales, more traffic and more trust and familiarity in your business and brand.

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Creative Content 


At Bella Blake Marketing Agency, we have a team of graphic designers that are dedicated to creating unique visuals for social media publication. Through keyword research, soliciting client feedback, putting yourself in the audience shoes, brainstorming with strategic partners, and investigating what your competition is writing about, you will see a drastic change in how you reach and interact with your target audience. Content needs to be fresh, new and out of the box to stand out against the rest! With Bella Blake Marketing, you can expect completely unique content that is sure to make a splash in your target niche!

Posting Calendar


Social Media Management works best when our agency and your account manager are able to collaborate with your team on content creation. We value your feedback and our mission is to create powerful content which is also in line with your brand vision. Nobody knows your business better than you do. By planning and organizing around key events, dates and launches, Bella Blake Marketing is able to fill in any gaps to create compelling content. This also ensures that we have plenty of prep time so there are no surprises and we are always 3, 4, 5 steps ahead. Creating a posting calendar is vital to the social media marketing plan and success of your brand strategy!

Advertising on 

Social Media

sociial pmng.png

The biggest benefit of advertising on Social Media Platforms is the advantage of dynamic targeting. For example, let’s say your business sells unique blouses in West Palm Beach, Florida. Through targeting on Facebook and Instagram, ads can be shown only to women who like fashion, who are aged between 20 to 40 years old. This targeting strategy ensures that ads will only be delivered to users who are most likely to engage with your post and become a customer. Targeting can help you find your “sweet spot” by segmenting your audience by demographics, psychographics, and geographics. Technical segmenting can also be achieved by targeting mobile/desktop devices, or iOS/Andriod devices. Ads can also influence if your posts become viral due to the “snowball” effect. The snowball effect is a phenomenon in the world of social media that maximizes content exposure.

Social Media Audience Engagement

Social Media Audience Engagement can be measured in the form of metrics such as

  • Likes

  • Follows

  • Shares

  • Retweets

  • Comments

  • Reviews

  • Click-Throughs


Your guests and clients interact with you through these metrics and it is important that you don't let these go unanswered and unnoticed. You need to show that you genuinely care about your audience and it really means a lot that they are taking the time to interact with you and your brand. Hootsuite's social engagement specialist Nick Martin says it best: "Your followers don't want to talk to a faceless organization. They want to talk to real people on social media. Engaging one-on-one lets them know there is a real person behind the account, and that can really make a difference in the trust they have for your brand"


1. What future social media marketing trends are on the horizon?

Video! If you are not recording videos, it is time to start, and we are here to help!

2. Does it matter what time to post on social media?

Definitely! If you are posting during "dead zones" your content will fall flat and not reach as many people as it should

3. What type of content should i share?

The type of content your audience wants to see!

4. Do I have to be on every social platform?

No, but having a presence on all of them is important. Some platforms don't pertain to your business and may not be beneficial. We will focus on the ones that matter to your brand.

5. What are general tips for social media success?

Post consistently. Let your passion and personality shine through.  Provide valuable content freely, without getting salesy. Engage in conversations. Answer questions. Encourage audience engagement. And be creative.

6. Is YouTube important for marketing?

Video Marketing on YouTube is becoming more and more important in the world of social media marketing. YouTube gets over 4 billion views per day! 



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