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Do you need a part time solution to your on the go advertising? Magnets are perfect for clients who don't want to commit or are not ready to commit to 24/7 advertising on their vehicle. Our magnets are made with premium materials and will stand up to the Florida sun without any issues.

Indoor Use

Outdoor Use


UV Safe

Full Color




Dry Erase

Business Cards

30 mil thickness

Printed One Side


Bella Blake Marketing has designed, fabricated and executed thousands of magnets over the years. We produce the most affordable, quickest turnaround time and highest quality magnets in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County. Our clients are looking to gain exposure without having to fully commit to a wrap or lettering. We have so many options and sizes that fit into your needs and budget. Don't buy cheap magnets that will fall apart after a month or two. With Bella Blake Marketing, you know you are getting the best possible quality magnets at an affordable price. We were able to sit down and do a Q & A with our President and Founder, Franchesca Johnston, who explained a few aspects of Bella Blake Marketing and magnets:

Q: How long have you all been producing magnets?

A: We have been in the sign and graphic design industry for over 30 years. It is important to stay up to date with the weekly and monthly trends and new products that are coming out. We are constantly researching the latest products! 

Q: What is the standard size of magnets that are ordered?

A: The standard size is usually 18" x 24". Those fit on a standard car door, which is the most popular way of using magnets

Q: How does the process work?

A: Once we agree on the price and receive the deposit, we will discuss exactly what you are looking for. Our magnets are completely custom, so what you want is what you get! We will send over proofs and when the proof is approved, we send to print! Depending on the type of magnet you ordered will determine the process. For example, if you want the UV Protective, it may take a bit longer because we have to add the UV protective coating. When the printing is finished, we cut and you're done! 

Q: How are you able to produce magnets that aren't a perfect square or rectangle? It seems difficult

A: It is only difficult if you don't know what you are doing, haha. Since we have been in the business for so long, we have really perfected the best way of cutting and have high definition equipment that is able to make precision cuts. 



1. What different sizes can I order for magnets?

We print everything in house, so the world is your oyster! (the sign oyster that is)

2. Am I only allowed to get straight cornered magnets?

We can print and cut into any shape or size you need!

3. How many colors can i put on my magnet?

Any color you would like! All of our magnets are full color if that is what you are looking for and included in the price

4. What if I don't like the initial design of the magnets?

That's totally fine! You can adjust and make whatever changes you want!

5. Will my magnets fade in the sun?

No way! Every single magnet has a UV protection coating on it!

6. Are the magnets easy to clean?

Absolutely! Every magnet is water proof and can be cleaned with a hose 


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