Boost company identity and impress customers with our premium quality, durable and fully customizable Presentation Folders. They're the perfect way to organize and display product information, pricing and promotional material for business meetings, conferences, trade shows and more. Meanwhile, our envelopes are available in three distinct styles with multiple stock and size options, our diverse selection of Custom Printed Envelopes will suit virtually all of your business needs. 

Variety of Sizes

Foiled Stamped


Over 200 colors available






Trade Shows

Sales Meeting

Business Meetings



Bella Blake Marketing has designed and produced tens of thousands of envelopes and presentation folders over the years. We produce the quickest turnaround time and highest quality envelopes and presentation folders in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County. Presentation folders will set your business and brand apart from others in your field. With Bella Blake Marketing, you know you are getting the best possible quality envelopes and folders at an affordable price. We were able to sit down and do a Q & A with our President and Founder, Franchesca Johnston, who explained a few aspects of Bella Blake Marketing and envelopes and presentation folders:

Q: How long have you all been producing envelopes?

A: We have been in the sign and graphic design industry for over 30 years. It is important to stay up to date with the weekly and monthly trends and new products that are coming out. We are constantly researching the latest products! 

Q: How many options do you have for envelopes?

A: We have many options for envelopes! From color, to material to stamping...there is no limit to what you can do. We just produced a pearl metallic material envelope with a gold foil stamp and black print. It is gorgeous and perfect for luxury real estate agents!

Q: What are presentation folders used for?

A: Great question! Presentation folders have a number of different uses! Perfect for doctors, hotels or self help coaches, just to name a few, that give seminars and lectures who have a lot of information. In the presentation folders you can include your business cards, flyers, rack cards, brochures and any other information products for your clients or guests! 

Q: Are you able to mail the envelopes for your clients?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We offer EDDM (every door direct mailing), provide a mailing list depending on the specifications you include or we can use your own mailing lists! We try to make it as easy as possible for our clients! 

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1. How many envelopes can I order at once?

There is a minimum of 50, but we can order upt ot 100,00

2. Can I get them shipped right to my door?

Absolutely! We have your presentation folders available for pick up, or can deliver to your house or business address!

3. What is a standard size for presentation folders?

The standard size for presentation folders is 9" x 12"

4.Can I get a business card slip in the folders?

You got it! You can get the slip on either side or both sides

5. Can I get gold foiled stamped presentation folders?

Definitely! We have so many options depending on your budget, brand and style

6. What's the turnaround time on

the presentation folders?

Once the design is approved,

the turnaround is about 2 weeks at the most depending on the specifications you have for them


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